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5 Incredible Ferrari Special Edition Cars

Just after Ferrari presented their awe-inspiring Monza SP-1 and the Monza SP-2 cars, I had an idea I simply had to explore. For mine and, consequently, your good, I researched a little bit (not a little bit, but quite a bit actually) about the most amazing special edition cars Ferrari ever built. Apart from the Monza SP-1 and the Monza SP-2 I find striking, I am presenting you five other Ferrari special edition cars which proved to be as sensational as the best that ever came out of the Maranello factory. You may call me shortsighted, or whatever, but I did not include any of the V-8 powered Special Edition Ferrari cars. You know what, if you already have the money to spend on a freaking special edition Ferrari that costs millions of dollars, then go all out and buy a proper one – with the V-12. Call me mad, an idiot or just a dumb car guy, but the V-8 powered Ferrari Special Edition can’t be as good as the V-12 powered Ferrari Special Edition car. I found five mesmerizing ones.