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A Hidden Ram TRX Easter Egg Hilariously Trolls The Ford F-150 Raptor

The arrival of the 2021 RAM TRX was more than just the debut of an incredible pickup truck; it was also a gauntlet being thrown in the direction of the current king of all trucks, the Ford F-150 Raptor.

There’s no secret that the RAM TRX’s purpose on this earth is to take down the mighty Raptor. Well, as far as motivations go, RAM included a rather hilarious easter egg on the TRX to remind its current and prospective owners exactly what it’s all about. Pop open the hood of the truck, lift up the airbox cover, and you’ll see it, plain as day.

Underneath the cover is an engraving of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, only it’s not just a T-Rex (or TRX, if you’re Fiat-Chrysler) that you’ll see; it’s a T-Rex that has, of all things, a raptor in its mouth. The subtlety, or lack thereof, shouldn’t be lost on anyone who owns a RAM TRX moving forward.