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Audi A4 Avant Spied as the Last Generation with an Internal Combustion Engine

We’ve finally laid eyes on the B10-generation Audi A4 Avant, and it’s essentially the last of a dying breed. Scheduled to go on sale sometime in late-2022 or early 2023, this will be the last generation of the A4 that rock an internal combustion engine, but you will have until around 2030 to get your hands on one if it follows the same, seven-year life cycle. As for this prototype, it has a smaller but wider singleframe grille, and this sure does look like a production body.

The front end appears to feature a cleaner design, but it is wearing some pretty heavy camo/ The vertical corner air inlets are quite small and it looks like Audi is integrating the fog lights into the main headlight clusters. The headlights themselves do look to be production and are largely uncovered, so this is what you can expect from the production model.

Around back, Audi has yet to apply the production taillights, so take what you see here with a grain of salt. Something that has caught our attention, though, is what we can make out form the cutouts around the reverse lights. Not only can we see how wide the new taillights are, but it also appears as if there will be a wide trim piece here or, dare I say, and LED light strip connecting the two taillights.

So far, we’ve yet to see anything from the interior, but from these shots, we can tell that Audi is finally ditching the dash-mounted infotainment display. The powertrains from the current model will carry over with minor tweaks for power and efficiency, but you can expect some more notable upgrades to come down the line before the fuel powered A4 is finally retired.