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Cadillac CT4 – Driven

With so many Americans rushing from cars into crossover SUVs, only the strongest sedans are surviving. That’s not good news for Cadillac. Its huge, decadent luxury sedans were once desired all around the world. But while its Escalade SUV is still an international icon and its crossovers are fairly successful domestically, Cadillac failed to establish itself among the leading luxury-sedan brands today. The few remaining luxury sedan buyers more often turn to Audi, BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes-Benz. Some will try out critically acclaimed but unconventional options like Volvo and Genesis. And a growing number are choosing all-electric Teslas over any traditional luxury sedan.

It’s into this backdrop that Cadillac has overhauled its two luxury sports sedans: the midsize CTS and compact ATS. They wear new styling and new names: CT5 and CT4, respectively. This 2020 Cadillac CT4 delivers a sophisticated rear-wheel-drive sports sedan platform at the price of the Germans’ subcompact front-wheel-drive sedans. We recently spent a week in the new CT4 to see whether that’s enough to earn a second glance from the people who still want a luxury sports sedan. Prices start at $32,995.