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Can A Tuned, 490-HP BMW M240i Take On the Porsche 911CS and BMW M3?

Sometimes, the best drag races are those that have some form of handicap. Take this race hosted by YouTube channel Track Day, for example. It’s a three-car throw down involving an F80-generation BMW M3 Competition, a 992-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S, and a BMW M240i. The latter is the obvious underdog in this race, but this isn’t your stock M240i that comes into the race with significant modifications, none more important than an engine upgrade that helps the turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine produce more output than both the M3 Competition and the 911 Carrera S. The scales tip differently now, do they? Does the modified M240i have what it takes to beat the M3 Competition and the 911 Carrera S? Let’s find out.