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Classic Car for Sale: Rare 1986 Aston Martin DB6 Volante

The Aston Martin DB6 doesn’t get the love it deserves. In some ways, that’s because it succeeded the Aston Martin DB5, considered as the most iconic Aston Martin model ever made. When you’re a model that’s following a model as legendary as the DB5, expectations can be unreasonably high.

The DB6 was a great Aston Martin; it just wasn’t the DB5. Still, the DB6’s collectible status has increased over the years, in part because of how rare they are. Only 1,788 units were built over a five-year stretch, and of those 1,788 units, one unit is now available through British classic car restorer Bell Sport & Classic.

This particular model is a DB6 Volante, the drop-top version of the standard DB6. It’s more than 12 times rarer — only 140 units were ever made — than the standard coupe DB6, and while it has undergone several restorations in its lifetime, it remains in top-quality condition. Bell Sport & Classic didn’t reveal a price tag for this DB6 Volante, but prepare to spend six figures for a chance to bring home one of the rarest Aston Martin models in history.