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Crashing a Car at 40 MPH Is Terrifying, But Crashing at 130 MPH Is a Recipe for Disaster

Watching a car travel 40 miles per hour straight into a barrier often results in the car getting walloped, but what if that same car was going three times faster at 130 mph and then slams into a stationary bus? The results are indescribable, but we do get to see the scene unfold before our eyes courtesy of YouTube channel Bri4ka.

The video isn’t in English so it might be a little difficult to follow. Fortunately, the visuals that you’ll see are about as straightforward as they can get. The objective is clear, too. A remote-controlled second-generation Opel Omega and a decommissioned city bus are the sacrificial lambs in this test.
At the very least, the test gives us a glimpse of what can happen if a car traveling twice the speed limit in the U.S. hits a parked city bus. Before you watch it, be advised that the results are unspeakably destructive.