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Ford Might Have Some Big Plans For The ‘Raptor’ Brand In The Coming Years

While the onus will be on electrification moving forward, there are a lot of other moving parts that need to work along in tandem for automakers to ensure a smooth transition. Ford has taken the first big step – probably the biggest step – of electrifying the most product in its lineup, the Ford F-150. With that out of the way, the automaker can now switch its focus on something completely different altogether this year – grow the Raptor brand even more.

If you pick up all the pieces the company has been dropping in the last 1-1.5 years, you’ll realize that it is working on building the Raptor brand. We have the F-150 Raptor R coming, the Bronco Raptor is already here, and even the Ranger Raptor has finally crossed the forbidden door and come to the States and Canada. Will Ford make ‘Raptor’ a standalone brand like the Mustang and the Bronco?