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Forget The Drama – SSC Should Just Run the Tuatara Speed Record Again

SSC made headlines earlier this month when it announced that it had set a new world record for production cars with the Tuatara. The American company revealed that its latest supercar hit an average top speed of 316 mph during a two-way run on a closed road in Nevada, taking the official record from Koenigsegg and also breaking the unofficial record of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, the first production car to surpass the 300-mph mark.

But famed YouTubers Shmee150 and Misha Charoudin are questioning SSC’s record-setting run and video, suggesting that the speeds shown in the onboard footage aren’t real. The company issued a follow-up statement, but it did not address the errors discovered in its videos. Should SSC run a new record-setting attempt?