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GMC’s Hummer EV “Crabwalk” Sounds Dumb But Could Be Awesome

The return of the Hummer, even in EV form, has the truck world alight. The hype is real, folks, and the buzz is about to get even louder now that General Motors has unveiled one of the Hummer EV’s most unique features: the crab walk. No, this isn’t some kind of dance move that the Hummer EV is capable of doing; it’s actually a real feature that allows the hulking electric truck to move diagonally. Yes, diagonally. The crab walk is one of many new features that’s included in the Hummer EV. All of it is part of GMC’s strategy to reinvent the Hummer’s image from being one of the loudest and thirstiest gas-guzzlers in the land to a muted and electric whizzing truck that’s apparently capable of crab walking its way out of potential hazards.