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Is This Impressive Rendering A Look Into The Future of Mercedes?

If the car industry has learned us anything so far it’s that carmakers like to play with concept vehicles but they’re also part work. More often than not, a concept car has led a car brand’s direction and approach for the years to come and we’re not only talking about design cues and whatnot, but also that brand’s vision of mobility.

In that context, we can’t ignore two of Mercedes-Benz’s most stunning concepts, the 2015 F 015 prototype and the more recent Vision AVTR, unveiled at the 2020 CES in Las Vegas. Both are about luxury first and foremost but also about a new avenue that might spur other carmakers to join the bandwagon: a reinterpreted interaction between human, machine, and nature.

Then we stumbled onto this unofficial design study, dubbed the Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet Concept.