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It Looks Like The Cadillac CT5-V Isn’t Even Meant to Be a Performance Car


A lot has been said about the Cadillac CT5-V since it first arrived in 2019 as the supposed replacement to the V Sport. Cadillac has gotten mixed reviews on every facet of the CT5-V. From its looks to its quality to its output to its performance, the CT5-V has become polarizing in so many ways. It also hasn’t been immune to a myriad of issues, including, as The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah found out, a less-than-stellar 10-speed automatic transmission that doesn’t respond to the driver as well as we all thought it could. The CT5-V remains a solid performer in its segment, but is it really a proper replacement to the monster-engined CTS-V or is it more like the middle of the pack V-Sport model? Based on Farah’s experience, it looks, drives, and feels more like the latter.