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Jaguar’s Continuation 3.8-Liter Engine for Old E-Types is Downright Expensive

Jaguar is offering a few cool performance-oriented models nowadays, but it’s also building limited-series continuation cars. As of 2020, the Jaguar Classic workshop rolled out three continuation series for the iconic XK SS, E-Type Lightweight, and the Le Mans-winning D-Type.

But Jaguar Classic is now also offering a continuation series of its inline-six XK engine in a 3.8-liter format. The XK mill was first introduced back in 1949, but it remained in production for more than four decades, until 1992. However, the 3.8-liter variant was short-lived. First used in the XK 150 in 1958, it was discontinued in 1968, when it was replaced by a larger, 4.2-liter version. This continuation engine is the perfect choice if you’re restoring an old Jaguar, but it’s decidedly expensive.