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Le Mans 2020 News Roundup: Peugeot and ByKolles Set To Build Hypercars, IMSA Releases Final LMDH Rules

The 88th running of the mythical 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s most famous endurance race, may not have been the most exciting of the lot. The much-anticipated rain failed to make an appearance and the classes we expected to put on a show for us hardly did.

So, while the race itself can be considered a letdown, the news that dropped on the build-up to Saturday’s and Sunday’s showdown have been particularly interesting. We now know more about Peugeot’s LM Hypercar program, as well as ByKolles’, and more details have emerged about the upcoming LM Daytona Hybrid ruleset. Read on to also find out whether or not a hydrogen-fueled future is still on the cards at Le Mans and also to find out more about Toyota’s upcoming halo hypercar.