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Let’s Remember The Time A British Pop Band Went Racing

We’re in the early noughties. Everyone’s got Walkmans or iPod Nanos, everyone wears slightly oversized pants and shirts, and everyone blends colors that, really, shouldn’t be blended. Then there’s the music people are listening to as hard-edged stuff like metal, alternative, and grunge take a step back allowing electro-pop to take over with all its glitzy overtones. Riding the wave are numerous boy bands and girl bands that end up everywhere on the walls of kids and teens and among the myriad of groups there’s one called ’Atomic Kitten’.

The name is dubious but behind it lay a number of UK and European chart-topping hits that can still be found lurking through many compilations of ’00s British pop. At one time hailed as the “biggest girl group in Europe,” Atomic Kitten sold eight million records in less than a decade and traveled the continent jumping from arena to arena. We aren’t interested in all that but what we are interested in is what Atomic Kitten endorsed at one point in the band’s lifespan and that is, oddly enough, motorsports.