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Murray Automotive Isn’t Done Rocking The Supercar Establishment, Unveils Track-Only T.50s

Legendary automotive designer Gordon Murray promised that his latest supercar, the T.50, will deliver the best driving experience ever. Powered by a bespoke V-12 capable of revving at over 12,000 rpm that sends all the power to the back axle via a manual transmission, the T.50 is a proposition that’s almost impossible to rebuke and that’s before anyone’s got the chance to drive it.

Consider also just how light the car is given it had to go through all the tests modern cars go through to be approved for the road and that’s when the potential of the T.50s shines through. Why? Because the T.50s is a T.50 that lacks all the stuff that makes the latter street-legal and on top, you get more go-fast bits to make the package that more likely to turn your brain into toothpaste.