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Need an Armored BMW X7? Inkas Has You Covered

It’s getting tough out there for an oligarch. Mounting sociopolitical pressure against the moneyed elite is at risk of reaching fever pitch; you just don’t feel safe leaving your compound wearing your Richard Mille anymore, and your Bugatti is just too conspicuous. Time to dust off the Rolex and pick up an armored S-Class …

Not into the ubiquity of Mercedes’ primo executive sedan? The ballistics experts over at Inkas will armor-up just about any large and full-size SUV on the market, not to mention a range of trucks, sedans, and vans that fit any lifestyle and level of conspicuousness. Aside from the usual Escalade and Land Cruiser fare, Inkas is also proud to offer the world’s first armored BMW X7, making it one of the better-driving full-sized armored SUV starting points on the market.

As is the case with all big-budget armor conversions, a significant amount of work went into making sure passersby are none the wiser as to this X7’s CEN BR6 armor rating, and the interior passengers suffer minimal comfort drawbacks to the new level of protection. Most of the exterior body panels are up-fitted with slabs of ballistic steel or Kevlar, while the significantly thickened translucent armor is a multilayered sheet of polycarbonate, among other things.

From the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like comfort in the Inkas X7 will be of any issue; the only drawback we can see is the armored and reworked rear cargo compartment that now holds a cargo-space-displacing armored divider between the liftgate and the rear seats. Everything else is X7 business as usual, with the same level of finery expected of BMW’s largest SUV.

If things do get hot and hairy, the aforementioned CEN BR6 rating will shrug off any small-arms fire up to the 7.62 × 51 mm NATO. Aside from passenger protection, critical components of the X7 are similarly protected, including a reinforced battery compartment and ECU box. Of course, the tires are run-flats, and to manage this extra 3,000-odd pounds of armoring, the suspension is upgraded to handle the bulk.

Too much? Inkas offers a lightweight armor package as well. Not enough? Well, there’s nothing above the standard X7 armor kit, but Inkas will be happy to outfit yours with other safety equipment like sirens; PA and intercom systems; upgraded heavy-duty brakes; emergency lights; a fire suppression system; and heavy-duty wheels.

As for price, each Inkas X7 is special order, so we’ll let your imagination do the heavy lifting. Get in touch with Inkas to place an order or check out other armored cars in its lineup.

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