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Nissan Ushers in the Future By Looking to its Past With the Z Proto

It’s been 11 years since Nissan’s famed Z family welcomed an all-new model into the fold. The wait has been long and oftentimes frustrating, but, finally, the next-generation Z car, or at least a prototype version of the production model, has arrived. It’s called the Nissan Z Proto, and it’s about as close as we can get to the production model that’s scheduled to arrive in 2022. Nissan hasn’t been shy about touting a retro-inspired look for the next-generation Z model, and the Japanese automaker lived up to its word on that one. The Z Proto is dressed in styling cues that Nissan borrowed from its predecessors and combined all of that with modern design elements to give the all-new Z car a distinct look that lives up to its nameplate. The Z Proto also comes with a modern interior and a healthy twin-turbo V-6 engine that packs plenty of punch. This is the Nissan Z Proto, folks. After a long wait, it’s finally here.