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Porsche Eyeballing a Panamera EV As a Larger Alternative to the Taycan

When the Taycan was unveiled, a lot of folks called it the electric Panamera because of how similar they both look. When the real-world reviews started pouring in, it was known the Taycan is smaller than Panamera in terms of dimensions. But, with electrification taking over every segment and every car, there was a big question surrounding the Panamera’s electric version and how it would slot with the Taycan in the lineup if a Panamera electric would even happen.

Speaking with GoAuto, Porsche’s Product Line Vice President, Thomas Friemuth, cleared some air on both these questions by saying that an electric Panamera is being considered, but also hinted that it won’t overlap the Taycan. Does this mean the electric Panamera will be the flagship e-model for Porsche?