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Tesla Driver in Canada Earns Criminal Charges After Sleeping With Autopilot Engaged

A strange incident happened in Canada recently involving a couple of people, two seats that were “fully reclined,” and a Tesla Model S that was driving 140 km/h (87 mph) on Autopilot. As a report from Canada’s federal police goes, a Tesla Model S driver was cited for a dangerous driving charge after he was caught sleeping with his seat “fully reclined” as his Model S was running at high speeds on one of the country’s highways. The Alberta RCMP was alerted of the incident by a commuter who noticed that both front seats were completely reclined, and both occupants appeared to be sleeping. Responding officers pursued the self-driving electric sedan until it stopped. In addition to the dangerous driving charge, the driver also received a speeding ticket for deciding to take a nap while he was on the road. As stories of Tesla’s Autopilot systems go, this one ranks up there as one of the most surreal incidences involving Tesla’s self-driving technology. Fortunately, the driver’s recklessness didn’t result in any car crashes or accidents, only a few punishments for his unparalleled recklessness and inanity.