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The BMW i7’s Role in the World Has Been Revealed

BMW is about to churn out some awesome, old-fashioned, fuel-guzzling vehicles over the next couple of years. Cars like the new and apparently brutal BMW M3 CS, the facelifted X5 and X6 M, and even the M3 Touring are just a small part of the brand’s immediate plans. Then you must factor in the modernized BMW XM that will have a hybrid V-8, which may actually trickle down to the first-ever BMW M7 – if you can believe that. Despite all of this, the brand’s long-term future is in electrification and its success into the next couple of decades will downright depend on it. The transition to electrification will be slow, but the first big step will be the i7. Now, BMW’s CTO, Frank Weber, has briefed us on the brand’s future in electrification and the BMW i7.