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The Current Nissan GT-R’s Final Breath Will Be Though the GT-R50’s 710-Horsepower Engine

After 13 years in the market — yes, it’s been that long — Nissan is finally prepared to bid adieu to the R35-generation of the Nissan GT-R. The iconic supercar’s swan song isn’t expected to happen until 2023 at the earliest, but this early, the automaker is already preparing what Japanese magazine Best Car Web describes as a Final Edition model that will pack no less than 750 horsepower. This apocalyptic version of Godzilla will be limited to just around 20 units, ensuring not only its exclusivity but also the distinction of being the most powerful production-spec GT-R to be built. Expect to pay the motherlode when this mighty supercar arrives with a sticker price of 40 million yen in Japan. That converts to around $377,000 based on current exchange rates, though it’s hard to say what the conversion rate is going to be like once it arrives in 2022.