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The Gorgeous 2022 Genesis GV70 SUV Elevates Its Species

Interest in Genesis, Hyundai’s breakout luxury brand, is at a fever pitch. We’ve seen it firsthand as readers devour stories on the Genesis lineup’s updated G70, G80, and G90 sedans, and even more so our stories on the first-ever GV80 midsize SUV. Well, sharpen your knives, lay a napkin on your lap, and lick those chops, because here’s the all-new 2022 GV70 compact luxury SUV for your next feast.

Genesis dropped its first photos of the GV70, and while they depict an SUV with all the now expected touches that define the bold styling language on the rest of the Genesis lineup—two-bar headlights and taillights, huge pentagonal grille, elegant body lines—that familiarity in no way makes it less exciting. First off, the GV70 is Genesis’s opening shot at one of the car market’s hottest segments, where it will compete head-on with the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Acura RDX, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, and other compact luxury SUVs. It’s an even bolder salvo than the G70 sport sedan, which was released for 2017 into the competitive waters where the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class swim, if only because of its expected greater sales volume.

A Floral-Print Suit: Styling and Trims

It isn’t often we have the chance to judge an all-new model wearing a fresh design language—meaning there’s no precedent to go by—so allow us to slowly drink in the newest Genesis. The 2022 GV70 threads a delicate path between being overstyled and eye-catching, and we think it does so well. It certainly looks nothing like anything else in the segment, even if from certain angles there are some familiar lines and themes. Up front, the GV70’s big five-sided grille looks better integrated than on, say, the larger G90 sedan, where it resembles a tacked-on shield made of chainmail. Here, it has some subtle three-dimensionality, and fits into a structured face that largely relies on clever surface manipulation, not brightwork or trim, for its definition.

The rear is smooth, highlighted by gentle curves and spare detailing. The floating triangular rear quarter windows are unique and cool, and among the few GV70-specific cues you won’t find on another Genesis. As on its siblings, the GV70 gets a pair of sweeping character lines on its flanks, the lower one arcing up toward the rear wheel and the upper, more defined line gently tapering down to meet the taillights.

Genesis is planning two trim treatments for the GV70, at least for global markets, and it displayed Luxury and Sport models in its initial photos. (The red-painted GV70 pictured here is the Sport, the lavender and silver examples in the gallery are Luxury models.) It isn’t yet clear whether this plan applies to the U.S., but we expect it will. The baseline GV70 setup includes smaller front bumper intakes and rear exhaust outlets, toned-down wheel designs, and a shiny or chrome finish for what limited trim exists on the GV70’s body. Sport models replace that flash with the visual suggestion of more dash, with mostly blacked-out trim, larger front intakes, and cannon-like exhaust outlets. The GV70 Sport’s wheels also wear a highly technical dimpled finish, almost like a golf ball.

The GV70’s Interior Is Stunning

But wait, there’s more! Even though we have limited information surrounding the GV70’s mechanicals—engine details and standard and available feature content is forthcoming—Genesis is showing off the SUV’s interior. It’s even bolder than the exterior. As with other Genesis products, the GV70’s cabin is divided into upper and lower visual sections, with the upper wearing a dark material and the lower seemingly available in a variety of colorways. A simple two-spoke steering wheel is fitted, while a new wide-format display is placed atop the dashboard like a billboard.

What primarily sets the GV70 apart from the others, however, is a pleasing oval theme. (Hold your late-’90s Ford Taurus jokes, please. Associating the Genesis’s interior with that of the odious oval Taurus would be an insult.) The GV70 shows Genesis stepping up its interior design game beyond even what it pulled off with the larger GV80 SUV and G80 sedan.

As in those models, a full-width recess separates the upper and lower colorways on the dash itself and hides the air vents, the seats feature intricate stitching, and bold colors appear to be on the menu. The photos, for example, show purple and chili-pepper red interior themes. We like the climate controls’ location in the primary oval in the center of the dash, and the knobs and buttons that control the main infotainment display are situated on the center tunnel nice and close to the steering wheel. We also note what look like speaker grilles adorning the entirety of the sides of each front-door armrest, along with ambient lighting throughout. It’s a fashionable, original aesthetic, just like the exterior’s. We’re here for it.

So far, that’s about all any of us can be here for, because like we said, Genesis has yet to reveal what will power the GV70 when it goes on sale here next year. Genesis has access to a few interesting engine options, including a new turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder capable of around 300 horsepower, as well as several twin-turbocharged V-6s that can make nearly 400 horsepower. Expect all-wheel drive to be optional and rear-wheel drive standard. Pricing and more U.S.-spec details should drop soon, for those who remain interested. As with other Genesis models of late, we’re assuming that will be the case.

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