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The Nissan 400Z Might Not Arrive Until 2023

This year has been beyond turbulent, and right at the apex of all the drama, we Nissan filed a new trademark that hinted the 400Z would be coming soon. Then, two months later, it was suggested that both the Nissan Z and GT-R could be killed off to keep Nissan afloat A few days later, Nissan put out a trailer to showcase its range of new models and, thanks to that, we learned that the 400Z was, in fact, happening and would feature a lot of throwback styling cues.
We later learned that the 400Z won’t only feature throwback styling cues, but will, essentially, be a reskinned and retuned 370Z – it will even ride on the same platform. Now, despite the fact that we’ve been promised that the 400Z would be revealed soon, it looks like “soon” has a different definition to Nissan.