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The RWD Mazda 6 Has Been Put On Ice Indefinitely

Rotary engine?

Mazda has primed the next 10 years for a lot of excitement. Earlier in 2022, we found out that Mazda was bringing the rotary engine back and then we learned that the company is looking to take its business to the next level with some very bold plans. Aspirations to introduce a new and powerful inline-six engine, coupled with a few EVs, new crossovers, and a focus on luxury echo the brand’s desire to move a bit upmarket. One prime example was the plan to introduce a new RWD Mazda 6 with that very same inline-six engine. It was expected to be the brand’s first big step into the future, but it seems that step is no longer going to happen as a Mazda executive just squashed all hopes of the RWD Mazda6 and a two-door coupe of the same nomenclature.