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The Story Of ’The Muncher’, Aston Martin Victor’s Grandad

The Porsche 935 is the poster child of the late ’70s and early ’80s in GT racing. Developed by Stuttgart’s wizards and then modified by countless others the world over, Porsche’s Group 5 weapon crushed its opposition with such force that you needed one if you wanted to win on either side of the Atlantic. Robin Hamilton tried to buck the trend by bringing to the table a car of his own from the brand he grew to love, Aston Martin.

Named ’The Muncher’, this 1970 DBS V8 became a twin-turbocharged pseudo-grand-tourer able to go almost 200 mph down Mulsanne and battle prototypes along the way. A success story? Maybe not in the broader sense but it was the foundation stone to Aston Martin’s much-awaited return to sports car endurance racing.