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There’s No Outrunning Nostalgia With This Sit-Down Arcade Cabinet

Back in the 1980s when every kid could be spotted in an arcade parlor during weekends, Sega’s OutRun was one of the most popular go-to machines. Whether it was the stand-up cabinet versions of the more elaborate sit-down versions, OutRun had plenty of fans.

That’s important to note because while arcade parlors are no longer around, the game is making a comeback courtesy of Arcade1Up. The direct-to-consumer arcade builder is offering a limited number of OutRun sit-down arcade cabinets — in all their 8-bit glory — that you can order for just $499. We don’t need to tell you that it’s a great Christmas gift for your beloved, especially if he/she grew up chugging cans of Tab, using hair spray on their hair, and running through a piggy bank’s worth of quarters in these arcade parlors.