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This Video About the Maserati MC12 Will Remind You Of Better Times

The Maserati MC12 is arguably one of the most underrated supercars of all time. Produced in limited quantities back in 2004 — only 50 were built — the MC12 was a two-seater supercar that Maserati built to comply with homologation requirements so it could enter the FIA GT Championship with a race-spec version of the same car. Sixteen years later, not a lot of people remember the MC12 or even its shared history with the much more famous Ferrari Enzo. Fortunately, Petrolicious’ original series Homologation Specials did not forget about the MC12 and its impact in the supercar world. It doesn’t get as much love and respect as the Enzo, but the MC12 should be remembered better than it has been. It wasn’t the best car to drive, and it was oft-criticized for being too big, but the MC12’s place in the annals of Italian performance cars is secure, or at least it should be.