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This Video Will Make You a Lamborghini Miura Expert

Ferruccio Lamborghini established his sports car company in 1963 following a conflict with Enzo Ferrari over the clutch of the 250 GT. Lambo launched its first production model the 350 GT, in 1964, while the upgraded 400 GT followed in 1966. But in 1965, the company’s top engineers began working on a race-inspired vehicle with a mid-engined layout.

The result of this effort debuted in 1966 as the Miura, arguably the most iconic car built by Lamborghini. Although it wasn’t the first road-legal mid-engined car, the Miura was the fastest production vehicle and set the standard for high-performance sports cars and supercars. This new video by ISSIMI pays tribute to the car that changed the world in 1966.