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Top Gear, The Ferrari F40, and the Jaguar XJ220 – This Is Going to Be Epic

It’s 2021 and supercars are capable of well in excess of 200 mph. Bugatti has hit the 300-mph mark with a version of the Chiron and at least three carmakers, including Koenigsegg, Hennessey, and SSC, are planning to do record runs soon. Now an achievable goal, 300 mph was the stuff of dreams in the 1980s, when automakers were still racing to hit 200 mph. I’m obviously talking about road-legal production cars, because the land speed record had already exceeded 200 mph in 1927. The Ferrari F40 and Jaguar XJ220 were among the first production cars to hit 200 mph and Top Gear brought them together to find out “which is the ultimate 200-mph pioneer.”