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USDA Certified Horse: Ford Offers Certificate of Authenticity to Modern GT350 Owners

It’s only a matter of time until owners of lower-end Ford Mustang and Mustang GT models try to turn their four-, six, or eight-cylinder pony cars into knockoff Shelby GT350s. How, then, do you convince future Mustang fans your GT350 is the real deal and not just some clone? Well, you can fork over $129.95 to the Blue Oval’s performance arm for a Certificate of Authenticity package for your 2015-2019 GT350 or GT350R

The kit nets an official certificate of authenticity with accompanying sleeve, a VIN decoder, a poster, a brochure, a production summary chart, a duplicate of the original window sticker, a cobra-logo keychain, and a kitschy business-card holder that looks like a brake disc and caliper. Yes, some of these things originally came with the GT350 and GT350R at purchase, but what’s the harm in having something like an extra window sticker around to show off to any individuals who doubt the legitimacy of your pony?

The Shelby GT350 isn’t the first Ford Performance vehicle to offer a Certificate of Authenticity package, either, as the Blue Oval previously gave F-150 Raptor and Focus RS owners the opportunity to purchase proof of their vehicles’ authenticity in a similar fashion. In fact, we expect it’s only a matter of time until Ford lets Shelby GT500 owners get in on this action, too.

Admittedly, no one really needs this certificate of authenticity for their Mustang GT350 or GT350R, as anyone with a VIN decoder can prove whether the Ford pony car they’re looking at is an original Shelby. Still, this kit seems like a reasonably inexpensive way to nab some Ford Performance tchotchkes while baking a little more collector’s value into your Shelby Mustang. If it sounds like a fair enough deal to you, then you better order your car’s Certificate of Authenticity package soon, as Ford Performance states there’s “limited availability” of the bundled items.

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